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How 17 Years of Marriage Cured My Weakness for Complicated Women

Despite how it might seem, I’m a man that likes to keep things pretty simple. I love schedule and order and left to my own devices I would likely eat the same food and drink the same drinks, day-in and day-out, indefinitely. I like peace and calm; I’m not given to emotional extremes. This universal equilibrium is consistently the case for me, across the board, with one small exception. For reasons unbeknownst to me, and beyond any contiguous form of reason….I have always had a deep and abiding weakness for complicated women. They have always vexed me and the more aloof and mysterious; the darker and more unpredictable they were, the more I was powerless to resist them.  Continue reading

Wearing a Suit and Other Musings

I’ve always loved wearing suits. To me, they’re the perfect uniform. Especially on days when I’m totally exhausted and fighting to keep moving forward, wearing a suit makes me feel like I’ve put myself together and I’m taking charge of an otherwise unruly and unmitigated mess of a day.

But I get why men are resistant to the idea of wearing a suit. Maybe they feel awkward or homogenized. Or maybe there’s just not much occasion for it in their line of work. For the most part though, I think it stems largely from the fact that many men just don’t really know how to select and wear a suit. So rather than invest the considerable time and effort necessary to figure that out, they tend to pull back from it and instead stick with what they’re comfortable with.  Continue reading

The Coffee with Ben Blend is Here!


If you’re not familiar with the mini-phenomenon that is “Coffee with Ben” (and you’d like to be), read This Page.

If you’d rather skip over my obligatory verbosity and get right to the point of this post, just click here and you’ll figure it out pretty quickly.

*Update* HootOwl’s Kickstarter campaign is now over, but you can still  get some of the #CoffeeWithBen Blend HERE.

I’m beyond excited to announce that I’ve partnered with my good friends over at Hoot Owl Coffee to create my very own, custom espresso blend!!! Continue reading

Cool Jenni

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Originally posted on Instagram with this preface:

Since I have approximately 2000+ Wednesdays left in my life, and since my #WCW is always going to be @theurbanposer, it seems to me that the most logical thing to do with these days is to begin expounding on some of the characteristics that I’ve found most captivating about Jenni. 

While going through some old boxes this weekend, I happened upon the picture below and it occurred to me that one of the most fascinating things about Jenni is how she is utterly defined by her own innate drive for artistic exploration. This photo, along with the entire concept of the shoot that produced it, could easily be found today gracing the pages of one of the more artistic corners of the internet; but she did this in the early 90’s.

Continue reading

My 30 Year Love Affair with Watches

I have a deeply held set of beliefs regarding what sort of watch a man should and shouldn’t wear. It incorporates a number of different factors ranging from the type of shoes he pairs it with to his age, hair style, sense of humor and the overall state of his career. There’s plenty that I could (and probably will eventually) say regarding this topic, but that is a post for another day.
Today I simply want to wind the clock back (ahem) and briefly touch on a few of the landmark watches that I’ve loved in my life.

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World’s Greatest Guac


Does it seem presumptuous to title a blog this way? Perhaps it is….but I’d like to make the argument that I am not, in fact, being pompous in my nomenclature here.

It’s the fault of the Guac….

You see, every single person who has a guac recipe…..every one…..believes that theirs is the World’s Greatest Guac*. There’s an irrefutable law of human nature that mandates that when it comes to avocados (and more specifically, their use in the form of guac) we, as a species, are irresistibly compelled by an irrational need to establish an instinctive, primal dominance over all other’s use of the fruit. We truly believe that God himself was thinking of us when he crafted the first avocado and we genuinely feel that He is pleased when we endeavor to use them in increasingly creative ways.

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The Abandoned Box or My Great Shamefulness of Character


Dearest friends,

It’s not my custom to make my personal shortcomings known the the general populace. That I have them is certain, and they are easily identified by those in my closest circles, but outside of those boundaries I prefer to keep my faults of character in the strictest confidence. There are some transgressions however, which once committed, cannot be amended, or undone, and in such cases the burden of conscience cannot be lifted, at least to a man of my disposition, by simply moving on and dismissing my own acute lack of propriety. It is from this cause and to the end of relieving my conscience of this burden that I turn to the public forum for my confession and exoneration. It is penance that drives me to pen this text and the near hope that absolution might possibly be mine; my good character restored, even if only in my own mind.

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Paleo Masala Chicken & Vegetable Curry

As many of you know, my wife Jenni and I run a proper food blog called The Urban Poser.

As such, my general thinking in operating a separate, lifestyle blog here is that there are a number of things about which I personally like to write that simply don’t belong on a ‘food blog’. And consequently, the default logic (however faulty or illogical it may be) that conversely implies itself is that there is really no reason for any kind of food oriented post to make an appearance here.

But being the consummate artist and curator that my wife is, there is an ever-escalating level of artistry and fine aesthetic represented on The Urban Poser and it has seemed to me of late that any food oriented posts that I might feel the impulsive occasion to contribute might prove to be less and less coherent with the overall vision of our main site.

This observation has prompted me to revisit the logic that has previously precluded the inclusion of anything of a culinary nature here, and as such, this post represents the first of presumably several forthcoming that will incorporate my personal love of food and drink into the pre-existing company of this blog.

So without further ado…… Continue reading

11 Great Holiday Gifts for Your Man

christmas morning

Now, I’m not saying that I give credence to this particular assertion, but it’s been said on occasion that I’m a difficult man to shop for.

Personally….I don’t buy it. I mean, how hard is it really to discern which subtle shade of wood or leather that I absolutely prefer? Or how can it be that difficult  to intuit my preference for one brand over another based entirely on the font used in their advertisements? I mean seriously……isn’t this stuff obvious!?!

Ok, ok….I’m joking about that. Kind of.

Admittedly, the increasing nuance of my preferences combined with the inevitable passing of time has progressively made shopping for me frustratingly more problematic for my well meaning yet bewildered loved ones.

Assuming that I’m not alone in my manly obscurité de préférence, and out of compassion for other similarly afflicted men and their corresponding loved ones….I’ve created a list of 11 excellent gifts that are sure to please any man. (Or at the very least, impress him to the point that he amends his preconceived preferences to accommodate your thoughtful gift.)

So without any further ado….here they are:

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Musings on 16 Years of Marriage


Growing up, I think, we all inadvertently develop our own unique expectation of what marriage is. Some hybrid amalgamation of our parents union, what we know from literature and film, and our own unique and romanticized hopes for what matrimony might look like.

In the first 16 years of my marriage I have learned an incalculable number of things and while I am sure that there have been many before me and will undoubtedly be more to follow who exceed me in the deftness of their husbandry, I feel like I have done a fairly good job of navigating the complex waters of walking out life in chorus with another, thus far.

Among the myriad things that I have learned, a few key themes seem to continually resurface in the ever-changing seas of my life. Continue reading

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