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Stovetop Bourbon Baked Beans

Traditionally, baked beans are more of “summer” oriented dish, but to me, they’re the perfect side to compliment the declining temperatures and fading colors of fall. So whether you’re looking for a classic bbq or tailgate dish, or you’re looking to add a little fire-water tinged goodness to your holiday meals, this bourbon baked beans recipe is the perfect choice.…


World’s Greatest Guac

Does it seem presumptuous to title a blog this way? Perhaps it is….but I’d like to make the argument that I am not, in fact, being pompous in my nomenclature here. It’s the fault of the Guac…. You see, every single person who has a guac recipe…..every one…..believes that theirs is the World’s Greatest Guac*. There’s an irrefutable law of…