It’s a funny thing, the way we discover brands these days. In some ways it’s the way it’s always been – you hear about something great that a friend has discovered and you try it out. Or…you’re the friend who’s sharing something and your friends are on the discovery side.

This has been the paradigm of product marketing and innovation for all of time, but on the other hand, the internet age has changed that – or perhaps just amplified it to a degree that altered our fundamental experience. We seldom are waiting in a vacuum of knowledge about a specific type of product, but rather, we’re immersed in a deluge of options for essentially every type of product so the selection process becomes less of a question, “what’s something I would love but have never heard of?” and more of a solution to a predicament; “how do I choose WHICH one of these things that I love?”

The latter is how I coincidentally came to love Ezra Arthur

A number of years ago, in the boon of influencer marketing, I was approached by the then-named Bison Made Leather about doing some product reviews. Flattered and always up for receiving free goods, I agreed to and subsequently published this blog post.

It’s not that there was a lack of access to great leather goods makers, you see – I have a good friend who is one. No, it was, in fact, that once I came across them and began to explore their brand, I discovered more and more things that made me want to use their goods. Among which is their quality and durability – proof of which can be found in these photos of the same wallet and belt from my previously mentioned blog post, still in daily rotation and holding their own with a complaint.

Coming full circle now; some years ago, Bison Made rebranded to the name Ezra Arthur but none of the important stuff changed – great quality, durability, simple designs, US-made leather goods. In fact, you can still get the same wallet and belt on their site today. But that’s not why we’re here…

Recently, I acquired a few new pieces from Ezra Arthur and wanted to share a bit about what and why I still love what they’re doing – not the least of which is making monogramming an option on most items. There’s nothing I like more than stamping “BH” on basically everything I own.

The Pocket Caddy

Despite a love for the EDC culture, I’m actually a big minimalist when it comes to what I carry on my person. Almost 100% of the time I have a small crossbody bag with me to carry all the stuff I need because I hate having bulky, loaded-up waistband and pockets.

The only problem with this approach is that since I prefer to carry a more elegant and understated leather bag (as opposed to a tactical molle bag that screams at ne’er do wells, “I’m geared-up, target me first!”), I have a lot of items that float loosely in pockets that I have to go fishing for when they’re needed.

So while Ezra Arthur’s Pocket Caddy is designed to be a multi-purpose pocket wallet, I’ve found it infinitely helpful at giving me quick access to several key items I often need from my bag – my business cards, some spare cash and extra credit cards, plus a slim toothpick holder, and a nice blade are all things that I might need to grab on the fly and the Pocket Caddy keeps them organized, front and center in my bag.

The 1827 Pocket Comb

For a bearded individual, especially in these Covid mask-wearing times, a quick pass with a good beard comb can affect the difference between a dignified-looking beard, and something that looks like you’re an extra from season 4 of Duck Dynasty. And while you’ll find no judgment from me if that’s your vibe, I prefer to keep my beard on the more shaped and groomed end of the spectrum and that requires keeping a beard comb on hand in order to quickly brush things back to order after removing a mask.

This is one of the few items I prefer to keep on my person as it ends up being a lot of work pull it out of the bag while you’re fumbling with your mask and whatever else you might be doing at the time. Problem is, many of the beard combs I’ve tried are made of wood or some kind of plastic or polycarbonate – which means that eventually, they break. Enter the 1827 Pocket Comb. Made of clean 410 stainless steel and sheathed in a handsome Horween Chromexel leather sleeve to keep from snagging on things or stabbing me in the leg, this guy is something I love to have on hand at all times. Does the job and looks damn fine doing it. 

The Medium Notebook

I’m an analog kind of guy, and while I fully embrace my digital tools, I love having a great notebook and pen on hand when I need to capture inspiration, jot down some quick notes, or organize my thoughts without the impending interruption of a device. And while any old paper would do, and there are plenty of very cheap notebooks at any old office store, I’ve discovered that there’s something very visceral about beautiful and well-crafted goods that inclines me to embrace them in a more consistent manner.

This is certainly true of Ezra Arthur’s Medium Notebook. Hand-stitched and bound with full grain premium Horween Chromexcel leather and constructed with Tomoe River paper which is world-renowned for being the thinnest and highest quality writing paper. It’s the perfect size to slip into my bag invisibly while still being notably bigger than the ever-popular field notes, which I never end up using because they’re just too small for my writing comfort. That said…if a pocket notebook is your thing, they make a small version of this guy that will elevate your field note game considerably.

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