Let’s establish something right up front: I LOVE free stuff.

Yep….no shame about it. Send me something for free and you’re well on your way to securing my loyalty for life. Granted, my opinions on your stuff will always be my own, but suffice it to say, free stuff goes a long way with me. The reason this matters today is that the below items from Bison Made, and the corresponding giveaway pack, were all provided to me by Bison Made for my objective review, free of charge. Now that we have that clear, let’s get to it.

So maybe you’re asking yourself, “what does ‘minimalist’ have to do with Father’s Day?” The truth is, minimalism has less to do with Father’s DAY than it does the FATHER in question. You see, in this day and age, shopping for the men in your life can be something of a daunting task. The ever increasing range of high tech gadgets, the obscurity of men’s clothing choices and the overall vague nature of what men want can make settling on something that is both significant AND reasonable, a very unreasonable task to undertake.

Adding a Filter

When I’m presented with a set of variables that are too wide and vague to decide what I want, I like to add a filter. What I mean is, if I have too many options to choose from, adding an arbitrary limitation can help me zero in on a choice.  Too many restaurant options? Narrow it down by saying, “which place has a coffee shop we can walk to after we eat?” It’s not revolutionary, it just makes picking a place to eat a little easier.

So when it came to picking some items for a Father’s Day list, I decided to go with “minimalism” as a filter.*

Aside from the fact that it makes a great filter for gift giving, minimalism is a concept that rings true for where a lot of guys are at. Excluding the guy who is just super into being decked in tech or is really into fashion accessories, most guys are looking to offload their junk, not add more to the list.

With that in mind, I’ve selected a handful of gift options below that are both functional and stylish, that any man would appreciate. You still have time to get these things ordered so good luck, and happy minimalist shopping!

Bison Made No. 1 Belt


Listen, bottom line is that 99.9% of guys wear a belt and I’d wager that a fair number of them have one made of cheap, pressed leather that they got on sale somewhere. It’s probably going to look decent for 6 months, and then for the remaining 2 years before it literally falls off them, it will tell everyone they see that they are cheap. Bison Made’s belts are cut from English bridle leather and tanned by Hermann Oak of St. Louis, Missouri. The buckle and belt loop are fastened to the belt with solid brass Chicago screws so the belt may be disassembled to switch buckles. This is the belt of a man who knows quality and wants to wear something that will look better in 5 years than it does new. It’s a subtle thing, appreciating quality…but is speaks volumes.

$100 – Purchase HERE

Gerber Mini-Remix Folding Pocket Knife


Let’s face it, guys like knives. But there’s a very good chance that the knife they carry will be used to open mail or a box you got from UPS than it will to kill a wild boar or fight off a subway assailant. So really, that 7″ serrated blade with diamond-crusted-titanium-handled-built-in-helicopter-scuba-mask monstrosity is not all that useful for the every day carry. That’s why I suggest downgrading to something light, compact and simple. There are a lot of options out there, but I’ve always loved Gerber and this mini-remix is a great option for your every day needs.

Less than $20 – Purchase Here**

Bison Made No. 1 Front Pocket Wallet


MEN: The days of carrying around an oversized sandwich wallet that contains everything you’ve been handed in the last 6 years has passed. You do not need to carry around all 17 of your credit cards, a defunct blockbuster membership card, 23 disintegrating receipts and a punch card from Dave & Busters. Your ID, a credit card or two, and maybe a couple twenties for emergency cash are all that you’re ever going to need. As a bonus, make the switch and I guarantee you won’t spend near as much at the Chiropractor either.

$40 – Purchase HERE

A Decent Cup of Coffee


Call it shameless self promotion….but I believe a man should take great care and pride in the coffee he drinks each morning. If you know anything about #coffeewithben, then you already know that I do. And that’s why I have no qualms about telling you to buy some of my #coffeewithben blend from HootOwl Coffee. You can read more on that here, but it is, without a doubt, the best coffee I’ve ever had.

$14 – Purchase HERE

Earth Runners Circadian X Sandals


Whether or not you subscribe to the concept of “Earthing” (I do), there is no doubt that you subscribe to the idea that summer is hot as balls and finding sandals that don’t seriously compromise both style and masculinity is a risky prospect at best.  These Circadian X Sandals from Earth Runners are all man. Light, rugged, flexible and agile, these bad boys are hip enough go from mountain to city and minimalist enough to keep you cool. Plus, you get to do a little electron swapping with mother earth while you’re walking around.

$100 – Purchase HERE

Bison Made Double Wrap Bracelet


Ever since the Hercules wrist band ads in the back of my 1980’s GI Joe comics promised to make me “look instantly stronger”, I’ve been obsessed with wrist wear. Wearing something on your wrist breaks up the line of your forearm, making your hands look more rugged and your forearms more beefy. It’s part of why guys are obsessed with huge watches. And while I do love my watches, there are times when they’re just a little too much bulk. On those occasions I love to omit the watch and throw on a bracelet instead to add a little interest to my look. It’s a simple, low maintenance way to still have that rugged look, without all the heft. I’m loving my double wrap from Bison Made; I’ll be sporting this one all summer long.

$40 – Purchase HERE

Jack Black Core Collection


Let’s be honest: Age happens. And the truth of the matter is, any man who thinks that having a daily skin care regimen is less than “manly” is probably over-compensating for other inadequacies. For matters of the face, I can whole heartedly endorse the products of Jack Black. I’ve used them for years and can confidently say, with only the slightest amount of kitch,  Once you go Jack Black, you’ll never go back.

$50 – Purchase HERE**

Bison Made Minimalist Father’s Day Giveaway

Visit my Instagram Page for a chance to win the No.1 Belt, No.1 Wallet and Double Wrap Bracelet, in your color of choice. Look for the video with the moving gifs above and follow the instructions listed in that post.


* If you’re not super familiar with the concept of minimalism, I HIGHLY suggest you check out Becoming Minimalist. I’m completely obsessed with the site, as well as the concept.

** This is an affiliate link, which is something I have to tell you. Basically, this just means that if you click the link and buy something, I get a little kick back. Who’s gonna hate on that?

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