When I was 18, I spent a summer working for my Uncle Jim. He was building a hangar apartment for his Cessna single engine on an airstrip about 20 miles east of Downtown Dallas and I needed cash for college. I was no stranger to physical labor but the bulk of my experience was limited to cosmetic work; wallpaper, paint, drywall, etc. This job was something entirely different.

I spent my summer anchoring iron studs into concrete, running plumbing pipe and putting up corrugated steel siding. Jim was the kind of man who knew his stuff. He was a self-made man who had gone from working on a construction crew to being CEO of his own, very lucrative, contracting company. He had money but wasn’t in any way extravagant; except when it came to giving to others. His Christmas list was always just part numbers from the Grainger catalog for a bunch of tools that none of us had any idea what to do with, but were reasonably priced enough to not be a hardship on anyone.

Eventually, the day came to put up the rod-iron fence he’d been building. He asked me if I wanted to man the Mig welder and, seeing my immediate apprehension, delivered the single most valuable piece of advice that I’ve ever gotten. He said to me,

“Ben, every job is easy if you’ve got the right tools.”

I’ve found this simple principle to have application in nearly every part of my life. So what does this have to do with shaving, you ask?

Harry's dip MD

It’s no small thing, putting blade to scalp the first time. For starters, it’s not typically a skill that you’ve cultivated during the normal formative years so at some point, you’ve got to make the decision to just dive in. Additionally, this is a highly risky prospect when you consider that approximately 60% of the work you have to do is outside your direct field of vision. So the tools you select when taking this plunge are a matter of the utmost importance.

*If you’re looking to shave your head for the first time, you need to first read my post, 18 tips for shaving your head (and living to tell about it).*

For the purpose of this post though, we’re going to drill down a bit on the tools of the trade with a product review from Harry’s razors.


I’ve been a big proponent of Harry’s since they launched in 2013. There are a lot of acceptable options for accommodating your shaving needs, so to me the things that separates good from great is more than just performance. I’m a man who cares about presentation, and that extends inward, past the bounds of where the public may see. What I mean is, aesthetic matters to me: regardless of if that is displayed publicly, or simply experienced privately, the manner in which a process occurs is as important to me as the quality of the effective end result.

So there has always been for me, a significant aesthetic disconnect when it came time to shave. Any razor that looks like it could double as a prop in a 70’s sci-fi flick just doesn’t jive with the experience that I wanted. At the same time, the vintage approach, safety razors, straight razors and the like, didn’t offer me the security and convenience of a multi-blade, disposable razor. Discovering Harry’s was the perfect median of my needs and wants and it has served me well for the last 3 years.

Harry's overhead mdSo when Harry’s offered to send me one of their Truman sets for this review, it was a no-brainer; of course I would review it. What I didn’t expect though, was to be surprised at the experience. Here are a few things that I noticed when I put my Truman kit to work.

  1. Up to this point, I’ve always used their Winston razor, largely because the sleek, stainless steel is just so dang attractive. But it’s also just the slightest bit slick when I shave my head in the shower and so there’s always just the tiniest bit of apprehension in my stroke. The Truman handle is shaped slightly different with a clear front, back and sides, which makes gripping it under running water a cinch.
  2. I’m pretty die-hard about my skin-care products so I don’t venture out much unless I’m given a reason to. For that reason, I’ve never actually tried Harry’s shave cream. I was pleasantly surprised by it though, when I began shaving. There’s a very fine line between lubricating your scalp so that the blade can slide over smoothly and many products are either too dry, making for a rough and inconsistent shave, or so slick that your blades go right by the hair and leave you with rough, sand-paper like patches of scalp. I am pleased to say that Harry’s shave cream did a better job of finding that line than my previous favorite shave cream and I am now a convert.
  3. I’m just gonna say it: their new cube razor stand is just a sexy piece of mechanical engineering. I’m a huge fan of things that are simultaneously utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing and, like the toggle bolt on the side of a shoe polish can, you just can’t get more simple, functional, and visually pleasing as Harry’s new razor stand. It securely holds the razor upright, allowing it to air out while standing tall on your bathroom countertop. Simple, attractive, functional. At $15 it should be an automatic addition to your first Harry’s purchase.

Harry's Stand MD

There’s a lot more I could say about Harry’s: quality blades, excellent customer service, classy folks all around….but I think we’ve covered enough for this post. I suggest you head over to Harry’s and order yourself a Truman set today. I promise you won’t regret it.

– Ben

30 Thoughts to “Putting Blade to Scalp with The Truman Set from Harry’s”

  1. I came here searching for Harry’s head shavers. I recently bought a bunch of Harry’s blades online and the day they arrived I received an email from Harry’s saying that they don’t recommend their blade for head shaving.

    Are you still using Harry’s? Is it still working well for you?


    1. Muraii – sorry for the delay. That’s interesting to hear that Harry’s said that; perhaps a shift in their marketing or just trying to make sure they cover their ass. Whatever the case, I still use them regularly to shave my head and have nothing but good things to say, one of which is to be sure to go slowly, regardless of your razor brand of choice, or else you’ll likely encounter the reasoning behind Harry’s ass covering position. Good luck!

    2. Same thing happened to me, which I thought was ridiculous because I had to select if I was buying it for head shaving (selected YES). If that’s the case, then why not pop up a disclaimer at that point instead of waiting until the product is delivered and offering a refund? I give them credit, they did offer to take care of me – but they knew ahead of time what I was going to use it for. Seems counter productive.

    3. I’ve been shaving my head for around 20 years now. Thick coarse hair. I.can say with 100% confidence that Harry’s is not only fine for head shaving, it has in fact outperformed DSC, Schick, and plenty of others on my dome. Thenonly problem with nicks was a mole on my lip.

  2. I just bought & received the Truman for the sole purpose of face and head shaving. I’m a fellow slick domer and have been using a DE for the past 3 years but have grown tired of the rigidity of DE blades on my noggin. I found myself stealing (borrowing) my better half’s Gillette Fusion she uses for her legs due to the sheer speed I can get by with while using it not to mention it rinses easier than a DE. I will never go back to spending that much on Gillette/Schick cartridges so I’m happy to find Harrys. I opened the box and found that Harry’s does say they don’t recommend their blades for head shaving and after close inspection I really don’t know why since it VERY closely resembles the Gillettes. I feel confident that I found my perfect solution and can’t wait to use it on my melon. I believe they’re just CTOA and I don’t blame them. Us veteran head shavers know what’s up!

    1. Michael – totally agree, and I’ve heard this about Harry’s several times lately. I’m planning to reach out and get some clarity from them, but I assume, as you did, that their just covering their asses, because yes….we do know what’s really up. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the great article! Long time head shaver here. I just ordered my first batch of Harry’s and I am very glad to see that they are suitable for head shaving, because their trial and subscription prices cannot be beat!

    1. Hey everyone, update to this post. I received my Harry’s trial and am now an official subscriber. No issues here with the customer service. A rep named Katie has been emailing me and has been very, very helpful. She asked me if I wanted to cancel, and I declined and said I appreciated their business acumen but I’d shave my head anyway. As for their razors and other products, I could not be more pleased. I have never, ever had a better shave with any other razor. And I have tried them all. Same thing with their exfoliant, gel, post shave balm, and moisturizer. Because I enjoy it so much I have actually started shaving my head more, not like with Gillette.

      1. Like, I am receiving my trial today and excited to give it a go.

        Why do you think they are being secretive regarding the reasons with respect to head shaving? People shave legs, arms, armpits, even genitals. And of course heads as well. I used Gillette as an example because that’s the razor I use to shave every part of my body.

        The customer service at Harry’s is responsive, but not very forthcoming. They are developing head shaving solutions, so are we to use different blades for each part?

        My point was that if they are SO proactive and vocal about people using their product for face shaving only, the decent thing to do is to disclose he reasons behind it. That would go a long way in terms of relationship building.

  4. Glad I found this post. I just received my trail kit yesterday and on opening it saw the warning that their blades weren’t for head shaving. I too when ordering indicated that I was a head shaver. Emailed them last night and this morning got a response saying their blades are designed for face shaving and they are working on a head blade and without asking, Immediately refunded my payment. Great responsiveness with customer service. After reading these posts will definitely give Harry’s a try on my head shave.

    1. Same story with me, got the trial kit today – most of my shaving is head shaving, then I read the disclaimer. I tried it and it worked just okay (not great) for head shaving. Contacted them and they indicated that some great products are coming for head shaving, but reiterated that the current blade isn’t recommended for it. Refunded my money without me asking.

  5. Hello everyone, I purchased the Harry’s set at Target. I use Harry’s razors for my head only, because I have a beard. I’ve never nicked myself or experienced any razor burns. I haven’t percribed yet, but I will. (Trying to use up the remaining razors from Gillette up, then I’m gone!!!)

  6. Several Harry’s reps contacted me trying to give me a refund and cancel my trial set, because I said I shave my head. They all refuse to let me know WHY. It’s baffling. Gillette did not design a razor for face or armpit or chest or head or lower back. They designed a blade for shaving hair. I was excited about Harry’s trial because it’s reasonably priced. I have not cancelled my trial? But I find it highly suspicious for them to behave in this manner and their lack of transparency to boot.

    Their website and app experience suggest that a customer is in for a modern state-of-the-art business model. But I have to say that I’m treading with a lot more caution and no longer assume that they are the apple of shaving (despite the fact they have an orange handle and a sleek stand).

  7. I used Harry’s for about a year for both face and head shaving. Sometime ago I recalled getting an email from Harry’s saying they had “improved” their razors and that’s where the issue started. My first shave with the “improved” blades actually pulled a strip of skin off my scalp… full on potato peel. At first i thought it was me being stupid by shaving too quickly or pressing hard or something. However, when i switched to a new blade, it happened again. I finally got to a point where i had to “break in” a new razor by face shaving only for a few shaves before shaving my head. When Harry’s customer service emailed me to see if i needed a new order, i emailed them back saying that i still had plenty of razors but also provided the feedback about my potato peel incidents. After a few emails back and forth for details, Harry’s did a full refund on my last order and then ended it with a statement stating their website says their razors were for face shaving only. Without directly saying it to me, they pretty much said they are not liable for my injury and dont want me as a customer. Weird thing was, I wanted to be a customer of theirs as I enjoyed their razors and their shaving products, I was just hoping to provide some constructive feedback as a loyal customer. Unfortunately as much as I liked Harry’s, I dont think I will be placing another order.

  8. George – I don’t recall getting that email, though I’m certain it’s because I overlooked it. What I do recall is the handful of “potato peel” moments I’ve had as well – around the same time as you from the sounds of it. Makes me shudder to think about it. Aside from those few early instances it hasn’t been an issue for me again but I certainly understand after your back and forth with them why you would choose to take your business elsewhere. I’m a fan of Harry’s, but by no means do I feel that they’re the only way to go and would love to hear if you’ve found another brand that suits your needs – I’d love to try some other options out. Thanks for the comment – cheers!

    1. I tried Harry’s and was very pleased with everything. The customer service, pricing, shipping, everything. BUT…I primarily bought them to shave my head and with THAT I was very disappointed. The first 2 times I used them on my head I ended up with serious cuts. Something is not quite right with the angles for head shaving. I’ve used many different brands, and while some provided less than satisfactory results, none gouged me like Harry’s.
      I will say that when I emailed them they provided a prompt refund and apology. I will definitely try them again when they release a product for head shaving, if for no other reason than their outstanding customer service. Til then I will keep using Dorco’s. Every bit as good as Gillette for a third of the price.

  9. I’m still confused and in orders the limited edition pride set and the. Got an email saying not for use on head. I have had the peel for razors but figured it was me shaving to hard. Hope the create one for full body sense I shave all over.

    1. Hi David, after using the Truman blades for awhile I realized why they probably don’t recommend them for head shaving…clogging. The fine hairs on my head just weren’t rinsing from the blades all that well and the lubricant used is a huge factor in it. I tried standard shave creams, thicker specialized creams, barber gels, & soaps. They all gave different experiences. I found that I had to shave areas of my head over and over. For the past year I feel I’ve FINALLY found my holy grail razor & it handles every single thing I’ve thrown at it with flying colors. It’s called “Defender”. It’s a 3 blade cartridge with well spaced blades. They have 3 skin sensitivity types as well although I have only used the regular ones. They use the same scheduled mail order business practice as Harry’s and DSC. Good customer service as well because my only complaint to them was they didn’t offer a heavier handle and they responded that they have a heavier handle coming available in 2019. Cheers and best of luck!

  10. I used harry’s for the first time on my head today and i must say i’m impressed. I’ve been shaving my head and face daily for over 20 years and i’ve used every product on the market looking for the ultimate shave experience and harry’s is probably the best in terms of performance and value.
    Now, I’ ve had the razors for about 5 months but, like others, because it says “not reccomended for heads” i never used it until now. However, i’m glad that i did. I ‘ll be using Harry’s from now on.

  11. After all the above…no need to reply to Harry’s disclaimer email…like…so when are your head products coming out? Or just, “Are you kidding me?!?”.

    I will proceed with caution…as I do with any/all razors on my head, face & ears (ears…I must have an artery running through each of mine…). I mean…I can go out and nicely trim my hedges with a hedge trimmer or I can hack them down and cut off my fingers, too. Come-on-man.

    Telly Savalas and Yul Brenner did it with double edge razors back in the day…I can surely shave my head with any of today’s choices…including Harry’s. So far I’m really happy with Harry’s shave-to-price ratio…AND…I’m happy with the time saving…not having to shave over every spot twice.

    The disclaimer email is where we are now in the world…it’s our own doing. I’ll bet my hedge trimmer has a disclaimer…cheers


  13. I’ve used several different types of razors, several of which are supposed to be for the scalp. I haven’t found anything that works better than Harry’s. I have a HUGE ridge on the back of my scalp that is prime for getting nicked and with careful strokes, I’ve had less problems with my Harry’s blade than with anything else and get a much closer shave.

  14. Wouldn’t use anything else. I shave my head most every night, in the shower. No shave gel, just running water. Shaves clean to the scalp with one stroke.

  15. Been shaving this chrome dome for 30 years and Harry’s is the best. I first started using Harry’s on my face and was so impressed that I had to give the scalp a go.

  16. I watched a couple of people who showed how to shave with a Harry’s Truman. It’s so simple and so comfortable. The instrument is meant to be held close to tte blade so the razor becomes one with the hand. And to use it gently.and confidently. I’ve never had such a smooth head shave ever! I’ve learned that where your finger is so are the blades on either side of the razor!

    I can’t understand why they need to warn us ‘ the shaving products lubricate and still guide the razor. It’s now hours since my shave and my pâté is not dry or itchy! Unlike the result from another famous brand!

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