In addition to majorly upping the ante for extravagant, character themed desserts and turning people everywhere into full-time hoarders (don’t waste that empty toilet paper roll!), Pinterest has done an effective job of equipping young women with a keen appreciation for men’s fashion. Sadly though, this “Pinterest effect” seems to have had little impact on the vast majority of young men that I casually encounter.

Here are some (typical) recent interactions I’ve had with random strangers met in public:

Girls: “I like the way you dress” or “Nice wingtips” and all too often, “Where do you shop? I need my boyfriend to go there.”

Guys: “Dude, you going to a job interview?” or “Man, why are you so dressed up?” or my favorite…. “So, are you like a business man or something?”

Now, I’m not saying that every guy out there needs to go crazy and start curating some elaborate pin boards. Frankly, I couldn’t care less if guys want to embrace Pinterest.

What I am saying though, is thatyoung women are becoming more and more aware of men’s fashion, and are consequently developing a decidedly more refined expectation of how a potential romantic interest should dress himself.

This seems to me like the kind of insight that a young man with an interest in attracting a quality woman might want to take note of…..

Do you Pinterest? Love it or Hate it?

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